Pre-College Programs: Who Do You Want To Be?

At the University of Rochester, students pursue only what they’re interested in. With Rochester’s Pre-College Programs, high school students get that same freedom. For over twenty-five years, these programs have welcomed students from around the globe to explore the University and its resources to broaden their educational experience, sharpen academic skills, and help them learn more about who—not just what—they want to be.

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7 months agoApril 19, 2017
I'm interested in this, but I would have to talk to my parents about this. I'm only a freshman in highschool so I need to do thus. Plus I need to talk to my guidence conculer to if it's a good investment for my future.
6 months agoMay 27, 2017
Zeinab Bakayoko
5 months agoJune 20, 2017
I'm attending the summer program for non credit courses this summer, I am very exaicted
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